Today we worked on Lesson 3: Measuring and Charting Weather from Moving Beyond the Page, 5-7 Curriculum. My son really enjoyed this lesson. We actually supplemented it with a thermometer construction craft that we used to predict the temperature.  He loved to move the ‘mercury’ up and down predicting how hot or cold the water would be.  When showing him some information online of how thermometers worked, we also learned about the water cycle, cloud creation, types of clouds, etc.  He therefore, wanted to do an interactive mini book on clouds that I presented to him as an optional activity (also supplementary).  It was lots of fun, and the hands-on activity really helped us to remember the most important details of the 3 main types of clouds. Lastly, we did the RAIN acrostic in the new Crayola Dry Erase board I just got at Toys R Us.  This simple object has helped tremendously in making my son more willing to write. What a great tool!




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