Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 2, Lesson 3: Diversity in the Community

Today we learned the people that make up a community can have differences and similarities. We reviewed the fact that the United States of America is made up of people that have arrived from all parts of the world.  Large groups of people from Europe arrived a long time ago, and eventually people from around the world have moved here, making the US one of the most, if not the most diverse country in our planet.


Going over the book “What the World Eats” by Peter Menzel provided a fascinating pictorial depiction of the usual diets of people in several countries throughout the seven continents. Foods consumed across the world not only gave us a significant grasp of diversity, it allowed AA to appreciate the lifestyle and standard of living for each of these cultures as well.


We also reviewed the book “Children Just Like Me. A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World” by Anabel Kindersley. This book was very enjoyable to go through. AA recognized the different ethnic groups and how people vary from region to region, or from continent to continent, or even within the region or continent itself. For example, we looked at the differences or similarities of children in Northern Africa versus children in Central or Southern Africa: the color of their skin, their clothing, their dwellings, their food (thanks to “What the World Eats”, the book mentioned above), etc.

Truly high learning and very enjoyable session today!


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