Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 1, Unit 3, Lesson 7: Plants

Today we studied Plants. We started as usual with the spelling words: We added 2 new ones to the spelling journal and repeated yesterday’s words 3 times each into his crayola dry erase board. Then a super brief oral quiz on words from past units. I prefer this method over having to repeat a bunch of words all at once. AA, too, seems to have a much better retention this way without feeling overwhelmed.  It makes us both happy 🙂

We learned about the parts of a plant and types of plants. We then read “Jack and the Beanstalk”. I personally did not enjoy this story at all. I was puzzled as to the reasons MBtP selected this story for this particular lesson.   I have loved every story and book MBtP has selected so far to pair with the lessons. They are usually right on target and are very appropriate.  This time, though, was the exception. First, the story was rather long. Second,  it completely failed to convey a message as to why plants are important for humans, other animals, our environments and habitats. Despite the fact that the Giant was a mean ogre, it still does not justify Jack stealing from him.  Just can’t correct a wrong with another wrong. I guess the positive aspect was that I could talk to AA about this very point, never mind it had nothing to do with plants (unless Jack climbing up to the Giant’s house using a plant as a ladder counts).

During this 2-day lesson we also measured the width and height of plants, pretended to be tiny seeds, created and wrote seed stories, and started a seed experiment: One container of seeds exposed to the sun and the other left in a very shady spot. We’ll see how differently they develop.

Learning about the parts of a plant

Coloring and sorting plants

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