Today we did lesson 9 in our level C RightStart Math curriculum which we both love. We reviewed doubles, i.e. 3+3=6, 4+4=8, etc. and near doubles, i.e. 1+2=3, 2+3=5, etc. We used the abacus sideways in order to clearly visualize the double and near double beads.  After playing with the abacus and different facts, we completed our Addition Table in the worksheets book.  AA first had to circle all doubles, which formed a diagonal across the table, and then he circled the near doubles which were grouped right alongside the doubles in the diagonal forming a thicker diagonal.

AA also did practice sheets numbers 1 through 4, he wanted to time himself for all sheets today. He really did them fast. We are working on plotting them on a graph so once he feels he’s totally mastered these facts, he can complete his graph.

Mondays is playdate time for our local coop: PATH. We meet at Philips Park in Coral Gables. AA had a great time playing with the ‘boys’.

Later at home, AA completed a lesson in his Typing Instructor for Kids and played some games. He practiced his keyboard (piano) lesson as well.

AA's Addition Table completed with doubles and near doubles circled


At the park with other homeschoolers

Getting ready for the race


Really ready


Playing ball


Let me catch it


I got it



Playing games with Typing Instructor for Kids

Let's have more fun today!

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