Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 2, Unit 3, Lesson 10: Science and Measurement

Today we studied the ways that scientists use measurement to convey what they find in nature.  First, as a meteorologist, AA entered data about different weather conditions. He had to figure out the temperature and decide if it was cold, cool, hot or warm according to the reading in the thermometer. He wrote sentences on the type of clothing and activity appropriate for each condition.  As a botanist, he had to measure the heights of several plants and measure the amount of water needed for each, the taller, the higher the amount. As an astronomer, he measured the distance between the sun and each of the planets. He also measured some distances between some specific planets, such as between Earth and Venus, etc.  As a doctor, he took his beloved Teddy as his patient and weighed him, measured his height and examined him to determine how much medicine he needed. He later measured the medicine. He got a kick out of using his Doctor’s kit to perform this activity.  Lastly, he wrote a short paragraph on why he enjoyed being a ‘botanist’.

Doing his writing inside his tent. The tent always does the writing trick!!


Weighing Teddy


Measuring Teddy's height


Examining Teddy


RightStart Math – Level C, Lesson 10:  Evens and Odds

AA worked on his practice sheets 1, 2 and 3 today. We are doing them right before or after the warm-up as suggested by RS.  I’m planning on teaching him how to plot his data on Numbers (MAC’s Excel equivalent) to create a graph.  For the warm-up we were to do a Venn Diagram with overlapping circles, one labeled EVEN, the other ODD.  After he wrote a few numbers in the corresponding circles, I asked him to write one inside the common area of the diagram, he looked at me and says “that’s impossible!” with such confidence … I just had to celebrate it!  These moments are what make homeschooling so very special –The look in his face, and the complete confidence he showed were so priceless, it warmed my mother’s heart!!!  Overall, though, this lesson was more like a review of the rules of adding even and odd numbers. AA also had to write the rules, with examples and illustrations in his Math journal.  As usual, RightStart Math’s hands-on approach is fun and definitely cements the knowledge.

Working on his Practice Sheets 1 and 2 (photo). He also did Practice Sheet 3


Using the tiles and writing the rules for adding even and odd numbers in his Math journal



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