Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 2, Unit 3, Final Project: Measurement Amusement Park

Today we worked on part one of our final project for Concept 2: Measurement.  AA planned all the games in his amusement park, brainstormed on ideas that each game. He gathered all the necessary tools and narrated to me the details of each game.  Tomorrow when he writes them down I will include them here in my blog.

Teddy helps set up the tools for the Measurement Amusement Park



RightStart Math – Level C, Lesson 11:  Reviewing 10s and 100s

AA worked on his practice sheets 3 and 4 today. He didn’t do 1 and 2 anymore since his time already fell under 1 minute. We reviewed the 100s and 10s using place value cards and pointing out that, for example, 60, has 6 tens, and 0 ones; and  600 has 6 hundreds, 0 tens, and 0 ones. A brief lesson today. We then played the corners game, in which we had a special player: Teddy. He joined us today for most of the lessons.  We wrote down our scores, we will use them again tomorrow. AA is really mastering the additions in the corners game!

Playing the corners game with Teddy



Sonic Jump Rope Team

We had the opportunity to photograph and video tape our local jump rope team who’s getting ready to go to the world championship next month in Colorado.  It’s an impressive group of kids who have to coordinate up to 3 ropes at a time doing all sorts of acrobatic jumps, by themselves and in groups.  AA had a kick out of watching them and at the end was very interested in maybe training in such sport himself.  Coach Willi was kind to let AA pose with the team for the group photograph at the end.

Wishing you much success at the World Championships Sonic Jump Ropers!!!















AA posing with the Sonic Jump Rope Team

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