Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 2, Unit 3, Final Project: Measurement Amusement Park

Today we worked on part two of the final project. We decided to break it into 2 parts (days) because there was a lot of planning and writing and didn’t want to feel like we were rushing through it.  AA REALLY enjoyed the Measurement Amusement Park and loved playing the games with his father. It was so much fun for him.  He was so excited leading dad first to the back yard to take the temperature of a tree — people take their temperatures, so why not a tree, right?   Then back into the kitchen to take the temperature of a cup of water. They were supposed to estimate which would be hotter.  The rest of the games were played in AA’s room. He had decided to grant the same prize to the winner in every game: his beloved Teddy!  Funny, he kept winning.

Taking Temperature Game Instructions


Taking the temperature of the tree


Taking the temperature of a hot cup of water


Seismic Shapes Tower Building Game


Estimation Station Game - Estimating the weight of a box of crayons


Leaping Length Game - Measuring Teddy's Length


Wacky Weight Game - Which is heavier a jar of paint brushes or my water bottle?


Kicking Capacity Game - What's the car capacity of 1 cup?


I could fit in one more car than you papa!


Now let's figure out the car capacity of 2 cups and 3 cups


let's dump them all in the 4 cup bowl


After all this fun, AA clearly understands what measurement means, and when to measure length, weight, capacity, and  temperature. He grasped and solidified the difference between guessing and estimating also.  Overall, it was fun, fun, fun! Thank you Moving Beyond the Page, for this activity. I would have never thought of it. Certainly, I would have never realized a child would have enjoyed this so much.

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