Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 3, Unit 1, Lesson 4: Natural Resources

Today we learned about natural resources, what they are and how they impact human life. AA matched some natural resources to the products ready for human consumption. AA then created an outline of the US and glued some actual items like peanuts, popcorn, cotton, etc. to the geographic area such items are found. Fun hands-on activity. He also needed to select one product and research more about it. He chose wheat and so we researched on the Internet about it: brief history of wheat, where in the US wheat grows, how people use wheat, etc. This was actually very enjoyable to learn about. Lastly, AA did a few natural resources math problems.

Gluing natural resources to his map of the U.S.


Source: US Wheat Associates






RightStart Math, Level C, Lesson 21: Chinese Checkers Board

Today we did something very interesting and kind of unusual in RightStart Math. We looked at a Chinese checkers board and learned to group the dots together so that we can determine how many there were in total without counting by ones. Grouping the dots by tens, then by 15s and by 5s proved to be a very engaging activity for AA. I think he felt a great sense of accomplishment afterward.

Grouping the dots by 10s


Grouping them by 15s and by 5s inside



Other activities: Piano group class.

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