RightStart Mathematics Level C, Lesson 25 Introduction to Multiplication
We have officially began multiplication today, using the abacus to visualize the numbers and total quantities in a rather clever way. I continue to appreciate the way this curriculum presents these basic topics. AA continued on with multiplication rather effortlessly and was able to complete the lesson in no time at all. Bravo mi niño, felicitaciones!

First official lesson on multiplication was absolutely effortless



We also worked with All About Spelling, step #10 today. AA continues to be very enthusiastic with these lessons, and I must say, they have kept us, both, interested. As I said, I’m learning the sounds and the blends and rules along with him.

AA also read “La Pata Pita – Libro Segundo de Lectura” for about 10-15 minutes today. His reading in español is getting better and better!

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