Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 3, Unit 2, Lesson 5: Transportation in Culture

Today we reviewed the methods of transportation that people use and how they vary according to the geography and community who uses them. AA acted out several types of transport and got a kick out of the act. We noticed how our community relies heavily in our own cars for transportation, whereas in other countries, they use bicycles or simply walk to get around. And as usual, nothing does the writing trick better than the tent, it really does work wonders with AA. And this time, he was so happy to use his IKEA tent for the first time 😉

Writing inside his brand new tent

Writing inside his brand new IKEA tent



We are so happy to have done an art project today. Roberto and I accommodated a little corner in our home office to permanently set all our art supplies, books, imaginations and ideas. Thanks to our friend Nichole Oursler for the inspiration! We loved the ‘nest’ at her home; it attracts her kids anytime they feel a creativity nudge calling. What a fantastic way to let your imagination run free, share with others, and just be with yourself! And of course thank you to my dearest Roberto, for being the number 1 supporter of all of my whims. IU2 corazón. We love our art room, I’ll take pictures and post them here soon!

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