Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 3, Unit 2, Lesson 7: History of America

Today we learned studied American history. We revisited the voyage of Christopher Columbus, which we had learned on Columbus Day back in October. We read about the Pilgrims, their voyage to the United States and how their history and life have shaped the American culture today. I doubt they imagined their celebration would turn into such an important American holiday and tradition. AA compared our lifestyle with that of a child living back in Plymouth Colony and noticed how different life is now as time and progress have gone on.

RightStart Math, Level C – 9 Weeks Test

Today AA took his Math’s 9-weeks test. Both his father and I are very happy to see his flawless results. He continues to make steady progress, understanding and ‘getting’ Math rather effortlessly. Thank you RightStart Math for providing us with a Math curriculum that we truly enjoy, and for making Math learning such fun. And of course, congratulations AA, you’re such a bright boy indeed. TQM mi amor!

DSC 8717

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