Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 3, Unit 2, Lesson 10: South American Culture

The next lesson in the book was on Asia, but we had a little detour. “Since you come from Ecuador mama, I want to do the lessons on South America first” –he said ever so sweetly. So we skipped Asia and Africa and delved right in. He particularly enjoyed the part about sports and fútbol, fútbol soccer that is. He’s a good fútbol player himself 😉 he’s been playing for a few months already and it’s one of his favorite sports! He loved to go over the many types of different Ecuadorian foods, specially those that I love, and that I shall start cooking soon for all of us now that I found the most wonderful blog for Ecuadorian recipes: Laylitas Recipes. I never really learned how to cook Ecuadorian food while I lived there. I was always fortunate enough to have talented cooks cook for our family. I do know a few good recipes though, chief among them: shrimp ceviche which Roberto loves!

We did read and researched about the other countries in the continent, and talked about our similarities and differences. He’s fascinated by Geography and loves to really observe and study the maps. South America’s map was no exception. For the final guidebook project, we decided to do it online using Google’s docs presentation software for the first time. AA really enjoyed this and was much more enthusiastic about finding images and typing in the computer than he would’ve been about writing on the workbook. I think he’ll want to continue to use Google docs for the next two guides as well.

Creating his Guidebook to South America in Google Docs


Other Activities

Edible Science class with PATH’s Katie Gonzalez. Chess got cancelled today

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