Moving Beyond the Page 6-8 – Concept 3, Unit 2, Lesson 8: Asian Culture

So after completing the South American Culture unit, we moved on to Asia, although Asia was first in the workbook’s sequence. During the first day we read about Asia, the chinese zodiak and other traditions in the Asian culture. We did some Aisa Math, an activity that was very similar to RightStart Math’s because of the abacus. We created an origami frog following some directions online. AA loved doing this activity even though the paper that we used was not really the most appropriate –it was very thick so it was difficult to fold. Since this was our first time doing origami, I will make sure to use a better kind of paper for folding next time.

The second day of the Asian culture lesson, we created the Guidebook to Asia. Just like that of South America, we decided to use the computer an do it online on Google Docs’ Presentation software. It’s really good to keep the writing assignments so varied. It helps keeping him enthusiastic about them 😉


Looking online for origami frog instructions


folding more

and more

And here




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