Super Hero’s First National Guild of Piano Teachers Audition

Congratulations to our super Super Hero for a wonderful debut performance before the National Guild of Piano Teacher’s National Piano Playing Auditions held here at the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus.

Super Hero was very excited about this big event. He devoted many hours of practice to each of the 10 songs he performed:

  1. Hot Cros Buns with chords, G Major
  2. Musette melody, D major
  3. See the Pony with chords, F Major
  4. Bim Bam melody, E minor
  5. Willum with chords, E minor
  6. All the Little Ducklings with chords, D Major
  7. Who’s That with chords, reversing hands, C Major
  8. Wild Horses melody, D minor
  9. Ode to Joy, C Major
  10. Ode to Joy, E Major

Although no one was allowed inside the audition room with the judge, we were able to hear everything very clearly.  During practice time, Super Hero was often racing through the songs, and Ms Alaina and myself were constantly reminding him to keep his pace. Well, during the auditions he was perfectly paced, so much so that to me, it sounded a tad too slow. Ms Alaina, however, was delighted to hear him keeping the tempo perfectly fine!  And we of course were delighted to listen to him play so beautifully!

He got 19 C’s and 3 A’s.  Opposite to a regular school grading system,  C’s mean he excelled 19 times, and A’s that he needs more practice in 3 of the various scoring parameters.  His earned C’s in accuracy, tempo, tone quality, technique, rhythm, among others. The judge wrote in his report card many special comments for each of the songs, things like “Notes are great!”, “Style top notch!”, “Super steady beat & note mem! Yay!”, “Another winner!”, “Good show!”, “Played with confidence, good for you!”.  And lastly in the wrap up section she wrote:

You look like a million bucks in that suit –thanks for dressing up! You also performed your pieces well — thanks for your good practice! Keep working hard & congrats on an amazing 1st Nat’l Guild!


Big thanks to Ms Alaina at UM’s MusicTime for all the great effort and support she provided Super Hero while preparing for this and continues to provide to all the kids in the class.  And to all the kids: CONGRATULATIONS!

Felicitaciones mi niño, que sigas siempre muy feliz y con muchos éxitos!  We love you so much!

Papa & Mama







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