Real Life Math Games to Reinforce Math Skills

As you may recall, we are using RightStart Mathematics for our homeschool math curriculum. Both, Super Hero and I love RightStart Math. It relies heavily on games to reinforce and cement understanding and knowledge. We have often played store, pretending we are at the supermarket or post office where we need to pay for our purchases. So I thought, why not have Super Hero pay at the real stores? He’s already very well prepared to pay for some things for real instead of make-believe. So this is just what we’ve been doing these last few days: He’s paid our bill at parking garages, La Vaquita, aka Farm Stores, Evos and Milam’s. This exercise is not only advancing his Math skills through real life experience, it is also giving him more confidence in dealing with non familiar adults in yet a new setting.

Super Hero figured out rather quickly that if he counts the change he receives to make sure it’s correct, he might just get to keep it for himself. Talk about a good incentive to do his additions and subtractions right! We’ll see how this real math game evolves. For now, we just want to make it fun! If I think of any variations worth mentioning, I’ll be sure to post them here. How about you? Are there any real life math games that your children have particularly enjoyed? It’d be nice to know 🙂

real math games for kids

Super Hero paying for his air baked fries at evos

real math games for kids

"I'm keeping the change again, easy as pie!"



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