Plankton, Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Study at Eco Academy

For this lesson we created a very fine and specific plankton net out of a soda bottle tucked inside a pantyhose and tied up with some string. Then we learned facts about plankton, their characteristics, ecosystems, and other biological details. The children also created 3d models out of marshmallows, straws and beads. I really appreciate the kinesthetic aspect of the learning, it makes so much more enjoyable. We then went out to the bay to collect the plankton with our nets. And lastly, which was the funnest of all, we got to see the plankton directly with the microscopes. Super Hero got a kick out of the speed with which one of these tiny creatures moved. Compared to the others laying around it, this little buggy knew how to move! 🙂

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