Magic School Bus Science Experiments – All About Air Kit Part 1

We recently got a great deal on the Magic School Bus’ subscription for monthly science kits for young children (ages 5 – 12).  Super Hero is such a fan of the Magic School Bus. We had purchased kits at the Miami Science Museum’s store a few times and he had enjoyed them very much. So when I saw the offer at the Homeschooler’s Buyers Co-op (my newest virtual hang-out 😀 ), I signed us up right away! If you’d like to learn more about these experiments, visit their website at the Young Scientists Club.

The first science kit arrived and we did the first few experiments in no time. There’s about 8 short experiments in the complete kit, each one is simple and brief. Although much of the first few experiments were concepts Super Hero had already learned before, it was fun to do them anyway. We’re still reinforcing understanding and knowledge in such an enjoyable way.

The experiments we did were the following:

1. Deflated juice box: air takes space

2. Upside down trick: air can exert pressure

Oh my gush, is this fun or what?


3. Shrinking soda bottle: cool air sinks or shrinks and hot air rises or expands



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