Drawing with Children Warm Ups – Random Warm Up & Duplication Warm Up

Today we started to the warm ups section of the Drawing with Children book. There are several kinds of warm ups that we will cover in the following few lessons. We covered the ‘random warm-up’ and the ‘duplication warm-up’ today. Super Hero really enjoyed this. The warm ups are very simple and easy to follow, but their effect, I’m sure will pay off big dividends.

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Read pages 65 – 66
Download duplication warm-up worksheets from Donna Young’s website: For children 10 or older  (any of the sheets that start with the letter “L”) or children 9 or younger.



For the random warm-ups, we just followed the instructions under the Random Warm-up in page 65. Here’s what we did:

Super Hero's random warm up

Super Hero’s random warm up

My random warm-up


And here are our duplication warm-ups:

Super Hero’s duplication warm ups

My duplication warm ups


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