Leaf Identification Scavenger Hunt

As usual, the classes for homeschoolers at Deering Estate are instructive, fun and oh so hands-on! Today we looked at how to identify leaves in different trees and plants. I got really excited about this because we have just recently had our first ‘official’ experience with our Nature Study. I had been wanting to implement Nature Study, or really more ‘nature connection’ in our homeschool for a while, and are now getting started. Our first activity was to go out to our back yard and get acquainted with one of our trees. I will be posting about this experience shortly, however, I wanted to mention it because the leaf study at Deering came very handy. YAY!

We were given a short, smart-board interactive lecture on characteristics of leaves and how to classify them. Then we were to look at samples and figure out which plant or tree the leaf belonged to by following a leaf dichotomous key. A simple, very enjoyable activity. I love the enthusiasm of the kids in the class. Afterward, we went out for a leaf scavenger hunt through the wooded trails. Please remind me to put on insect repellent before going through the woods next time! 😉

Identifying leaves at the scavenger hunt


Scavenger hunt results

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