Savoring Super Hero’s Presence in my Life

I appreciate my child, my beautiful, lovely and loving son who has come to my life at this moment of my life. I appreciate his goodness, his loving moments, his brilliant moments, his poignant moments. I appreciate his company, his presence in my life. If it weren’t for him, we would have never known about homeschooling. We wouldn’t have known about discovering or rediscovering the joy and passion for learning with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

I appreciate the moments that homeschooling have given us to think, reflect and connect with our innermost longings for love. I appreciate homeschooling for giving us the opportunity of learning together at home. And for delivering the unique and unsurpassable way to do just that: bonding with my son and relishing every moment of his childhood.

I appreciate our read alouds. I appreciate listening to him telling me about the story he just heard. Listening to how he’s taking a new story, a tale, a poem. Learning what made an impression in that young, fresh mind. I so appreciate that homeschooling has brought that subtle at times, and profound at others, awareness of such simple moments. I appreciate our conversations, full of humor, sometimes with much laughter, sometimes with surprise or fascination and always with closeness and togetherness.

I appreciate the passion that homeschooling has awaken within me to live a life relishing each and every moment. A moment full of absolute joy each time Super Hero suddenly gets up from his chair to give me a big hug and a kiss in the middle of our lessons. A moment where I hear him say something brilliant, or a moment when I see him absorbing or pondering on something. In short, a moment of  just basking in the now and letting it all in.

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