Math Games Enrichment Class for 1st Graders and 2nd Graders with RightStart Math’s AL Abacus at PATH

I’m so excited to announce Roberto and I will be teaching Math Games at our homeschool co-op this mini session. Thanks to all the moms (and dads) who asked us and encouraged us to host the class. And big thanks to Katie Gonzalez for putting the schedule together and for all her guidance and support. Katie, you rock!! Super Hero can’t wait for the mini session to begin since he’s officially our “Math Games Class Helper”. I’m happy to oblige!

As I have told many parents at the co-op, I really believe in RightStart Math’s methodology. It is a wonderful way to teach children (and yes, adults too!) to visualize quantities, and perform mental arithmetic quickly and confidently in a non-threatening, easy and fun way. The AL (Activities for Learning) Abacus is the instrumental tool used throughout RightStart Math’s curriculum, and games, lots of games, are used to reinforce concepts and cement knowledge. Learn more about how this simple, yet so-effective tool works. Or check out this interactive AL Abacus app on your computer. You can also view a presentation on RightStart Math’s games, as well as, the explanation of making early mathematics visualizable with the AL Abacus.

To purchase the AL Abacus visit RightStart Math.

We’re looking forward to seeing your children there! We’ll have tons of fun learning math while playing games!



Contact Patricia at patricia {at}

Age requirement: 6 years and up – (Children must be able to count up to 10)

Come and join our fun “Math Games” class and learn to master addition, subtraction and place value with strategies that visualize quantities and de-emphasize counting. Using RightStart Math’s AL Abacus as our learning tool, we will play games to master the facts of addition and subtraction of up to two digits. These Math games will improve your child’s ability to confidently and quickly respond to the facts, and will set a strong foundation for multiplication and division. Patricia and Roberto Espinoza are the owners of CPC Computer Consultants, an Information Technology (IT) Consulting firm established since 1998. They are currently homeschooling their 7 year old son, Alberto. You can visit their blog on homeschooling at

Patricia received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Universidad Católica in Ecuador, and her Master’s in International Management, cum laude, from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She then graduated cum laude at FIU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a minor in Geology, and later received another Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science. Patricia has completed 15 graduate credits toward the Master’s in Computer Science also at FIU. Patricia has been working in the IT field for over 15 years. Roberto obtained his Associate of Arts in Miami Dade College with a major in Computer Science. He graduated from FIU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Geology. He later graduated with another Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science, and subsequently graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science also from FIU. Roberto has been involved in the IT arena for about 27 years.

$50 per PATH member/$55 per non-member.

Plus $15 for AL Abacus. AL Abacus (not any other type of abacus) is required for each child. If you need me to order it for you, please register and let me know by April 23rd.


UPDATE: (April 22, 2013) I have found the AL Abacus at Amazon for $11.70. I don’t know how this escaped me, specially being the Amazon junkie that I am. Thanks so much to Sylvie Vanderbruggen for this vital piece of information 😉



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