Nurturing Super Hero’s Writing Journey

I had discovered Bravewriter –a homeschool writing curriculum, or rather, writing philosophy– a while ago, and was thoroughly intrigued by it. It sounded like a really delightful approach to writing, and learning how to make writing more personal and more meaningful. Unfortunately, however, its website does not do a good job of actually explaining the specifics on how to implement the program. I visited Bravewriter’s site many times, read more about the wonderful program it appeared to be, but found myself scratching my head, yet again, about how to even begin.

When I got homeschoolbuyersco-op‘s email yesterday, I was delighted to see Bravewriter’s deal. It was a-today-only deal. I went through the enormous list of testimonials right there at the co-op’s site. Did a quick googling for reviews that yielded many accounts on how Bravewriter’s has transformed writing drudgery into writing bliss for a variety of families. I also found a brief outline of Bravewriter’s implementation. Ahhh sigh of relief. The time had come to take the bull by the horns and just go for it. Bravewriter felt good. I felt good.

I have now to delve into the meaty The Writer’s Jungle PDF to learn what the buzz is all about. I’m really excited. I also got Jot It Down, which is where Super Hero and I will begin I’m sure. I will make sure to update you on how it’s actually going once we’ve used enough to give us an idea.

I want to thank all the ladies who took the time to share their opinions in blogs and forums. You really make a difference and I appreciate it very much!



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