What is Homeschool Co Op?

Featuring H.O.M.E. for Homeschoolers of Miami Beach

Roberto and I have had the pleasure to record some of the moms and dads whose children attend H.O.M.E. for enrichment classes and activities. We wanted to gather opinions and experiences from these families to share with others who may wish to learn more about homeschool life. This is the first in the series of H.O.M.E. videos. Of course, we’re starting with Jannet and Dee Dee, President and VP of our homeschool co op. Who better than these ladies to explain to us the role that a homeschool co op or support group plays in our homeschooling journeys? Thank you ladies! We very much appreciate all that you do for us all.

So, without further ado, Jannet and Dee Dee, take it away!



Stay tuned for more H.O.M.E. videos “Our Homeschool Lives”. Thanks for watching!

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