Biography of Archimedes for Kids

I compiled a short biography of Archimedes for kids kindergarten through fourth grade in short story form.  Reading a story is how we begin our Math Games class at our local homeschool coop, PATH, and I’m happy to report, we’ve profited from the children’s love of a good story!   The children are eager to sit and listen during our brief story time, setting the perfect tone for a great learning session.  The main source for this Archimedes biography was the book “Mathematicians are People Too: Stories for the Lives of Great Mathematicians” by Luetta Reimer and Wilbert Reimer, although, their version is much longer, and therefore, more suitable for older children. I also consulted a few other websites that appeared first in my google searches.

mathematicians are people too - biography of archimedes for kids

Mathematicians Are People Too



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Additional Illustrated Accounts of Archimedes’ Life

For a comic style account of Archimedes’ life and his mathematics and science contributions, check  the Visual Rants blog:

Brian Lewis: All About Science #02 – Archimedes



Brian Lewis: All About Science #06 – Archimedes “EUREKA!”


Brian Lewis: All About Science #08 – Archimedes




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