Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planner 2013 2014 PDF

Homeschool Planner 2013 2014 PDF

Plan and/or record your homeschooling lessons in this beautiful, functional, and inspiring planner for 2013-2014. Planner includes forms enhanced from last year’s planner, as well as, newly designed forms. To view screenshots or to buy the PDF download, please visit

The Homeschool Planner Printable PDF 2013-2014 includes the following forms:

Family’s ideal year of learning vision
Yearly at-a-glance calendars
Our curriculum list with star ratings to color or highlight
Student schedules
Monthly planners
Monthly reading log with star ratings to color or highlight
Monthly field trips / enrichment activities log with star ratings to color or highlight
Monthly tally of lessons
Weekly plan/journal
Books to read list
Curriculum/resource wish list
Weekly meal planner
Bloom’s taxonomy of intellectual learning
Learning styles quick reference chart
Replacing damaging with “good-for-your-child’s-self-image’ labels
Words to encourage and uplift
Ideas to keep the joy of learning alive
Art appreciation question list
Year-end review

Thank you for considering the homeschool planner!

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