Homeschool Math Curriculum Review

Homeschool Math Curriculum Review RightStart Math Level C

Homeschool Math Curriculum Review RightStart Math Level C

This homeschool math curriculum review includes a walk-through the actual material covered by the popular RightStart Math curriculum for level C:






  • It begins with a heavy review of level B for the first couple of weeks or so.
  • A review lesson has been incorporated after every 5 lessons. This format continues throughout the entire book C.
  • Early and late Roman numerals
  • Strategies for faster mental addition of 4 or 5 numbers of 4 digits each
  • Strategies for faster mental subtraction
  • Geometry with a drawing board
  • Multiplication without memorization. The learning was completely game-based and the actual lesson always explained mental patterns and/or strategies
  • Fractions using the fraction chart included and games
  • Tangrams
  • Practice sheets were also introduced in level C. We, however, did not do them as we found them tedious and much like an over kill. We played games instead.


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