Roberto found this collection of quotes from lots of homeschooling families and thought it was worth sharing here in our website too.  They are insights about what it takes to be an “official” homeschooler.  As I read through this heart-warming list, I found myself laughing at some of the quotes, like “your children do not know the answer to the question, ‘what grade are you in?'” by Kim.  This has been happening to us, Super Hero always turns back to look at me, apparently clueless as to what to respond, since we’re always learning about topics that span many ‘school grades’.  Or “WE are in the 9th grade…” by Ellen.  This is how I intervene exactly after his clueless look — “WE are studying stuff from 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and even 4th grade”.

Here’s the first few entries of the list:

Each child has a pile of unfinished projects they still want to finish because they found something else they wanted to do first. ~ Cynthia


You tell the kids to go read in their rooms while mom and the dogs go nap. ~ Bonnie


You’re on a first name basis with the UPS man, the Postal Dude, and even the occasional FedEx person. ~ Pam


You find a way to turn a Disney trip into an educational excursion! LOL! Yep, I did that! Lots to learn while navigating an airport, reading maps of the park, riding “It’s a Small World” and naming all the countries, walking through the country portion of Epcot……the educational fun never ends. ~ Lisa

To read the complete list please go to TheHomeScholar.com


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