Math-tastic Math Games Classes in Miami

Roberto, Super Hero and I are thrilled to offer our Math Games, a.k.a. Math-tastic classes, at our local homeschool co-ops this fall: HOME in Miami Beach, and PATH in Dadeland.  Many thanks to Jannet, HOME’s president, for coming up with “Math-tastic”, such a “fun-tastic” name for our Math Games class –pun completely intended! 😉

We’ll be continuing the style and rhythm of our debut class at PATH’s mini session this summer. Some math-reluctant kids were actually looking forward and eager to come to class, participate in the short math-related story time, and play the games. According to many moms who spoke to both, Roberto and me, the class was a huge success in getting their children wanting to do math again.  That was our intention all along. We want children to feel not only unafraid, but confident and secure in their ability to manipulate numbers and understand concepts.  And yes, we want them to know that math can be –is– fun too!

We opened two sections to include upper elementary kids as well.

Class Descriptions

Since Jannet came with the ‘fun-tastic math-tastic’ class name after PATH’s class schedule was distributed, the names are different right now. In the future, we’ll make sure to keep them consistent for both co-ops.

Math Games K-2 or Math-tastic Jr.

Learn to master addition, subtraction and place value with mental strategies that visualize quantities and de-emphasize counting.  Using RightStart Math’s AL Abacus as our learning tool, we will play games to master the facts of addition and subtraction of up to two digits.  These Math games will improve your child’s ability to confidently and quickly respond to the facts, and will set a strong foundation for multiplication and division.

Ages: 6 – 8

Math Games 3-5 or Math-tastic

Learn to master multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents with mental strategies that visualize quantities and de-emphasize counting. We will play games that will improve your child’s understanding of these concepts, and his/her ability to confidently and quickly manipulate operations and respond to the facts.

Ages 9 – 11



September 3 through November 26, 2013

Tuesdays at HOME

Math-tastic Jr  1:30 – 2:25 pm

Math-tastic 10 – 10:55 am


Thursdays at PATH

Math Games K-2  11 – 12 pm

Math Games 3-5  1 – 2 pm



HOME – Fill out HOME’s registration form

PATH – Fill out the PATH Registration Form and mail it with your check to the address that appears in the form.

An online registration for our classes at PATH will be ready soon here in our website. I’ll announce it when it’s ready!

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