You Know You’re a Homeschooler When …

being a homeschooler

I received an email yesterday from Sarita Holzmann, President of  Sonlight is a very popular Christian homeschool curriculum. We do not use it, since ours is a secular homeschool.  We do, however, follow their reading lists, they’re excellent and 99% secular. Omitting or substituting a few books is simple and easy to do.Add a Tooltip Text,  (Sonlight’s newsletter) about “knowing when you are a homeschooler”. The email was so compelling, I had to post it, even thought I shared a similar article a few days ago.   It just seems to be a very popular topic these days!!

So here is Sarita’s email:

Dear Patricia,

Someone started a thread on our humor forum: “You know you’re a homeschooler when . . . .” I laughed out loud at some of the responses. They ring so TRUE.

You know you’re a homeschooler when . . .

. . . your kids are in the kiddie pool playing Lewis and Clark, paddling down the river with lacrosse sticks. -Jen

. . . you find yourself and your guests at your birthday party, at 10pm, embroiled in a lively discussion of the heart’s size and function . . . with your five year old, who just had to get out of bed and ask because she couldn’t sleep until she knew! -Eddie

. . . people ask to borrow books from you because it’s closer than the library with almost as varied a collection. -Christine

. . . your 6-year-old’s Christmas list reads: Liquid Nitrogen, Magnets, Rock Tumbler, Soil PH meter! -corrabelle

. . . your school uniform is pajamas. -home4learning

. . . you go to the greenhouse to buy herbs and start talking to the kids about the different kinds of plants. Then one of the workers asks if you work there! -Donna

. . . your daughter’s dance bag has more books than dance shoes in it. -Carla

. . . you don’t think about (but your friends are all talking about) school registration next year—or how many days until you go back to school. -Carrie

. . . the doctor’s/dentist’s/hairdresser’s office is happy to schedule your child’s appointment because you don’t want one after 3pm or during a school holiday. Or you can take advantage of off-season rates because you make your own school holidays. -Carla

. . . the neighbor kids come over to play with your math manipulatives. -kmsouth82

. . . your two kids are playing William Wilberforce in the backyard with their friends and they are the only ones who aren’t confused. -storybook mum

. . . you suggest to your 7-year-old that he could pretend to be king and sister could be the queen and he says, “Naw, I’d rather be Alexander the Great. He had an entire empire.” -SewLittleTime

Have you been homeschooling for some time? Perhaps you have a story that “explains” when you know you’re a homeschooler? I’d love to hear from you.

May you find yourself blessed to know you’re a homeschooler!

Looking forward to serving you,
Sarita Holzmann, President

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.


As Sarita says, you just can’t help laughing out loud at these comments, and they RING SO TRUE indeed!

It’d be really nice to add your own experiences to this list 😉  Feel free to share them with us below in the comments!

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