Free Secular Homeschool Curricula


Here is my new compilation of 10 websites that offer free curricula in mathematics, language arts, sciences, social sciences, art, music and more.   Some concentrate in preschoolers or early childhood education, others run the gamut from preK through high school.  I’ve come across dozens of these sites, however, my number one criteria for inclusion in this list is a secular perspective, and second, each site must be worth our while.


1. Cookie

Bright and colorful, Cookie offers a delightful collection of games and activities for kids in preschool through 2nd grade. Perusing its content is free, but registration may be required to access some of the material.




2.  ScootPad

A complete learning solution for children in grades K-5. Although ScootPad is geared towards schools, and a full program requires a paid membership, they do offer a free basic plan that can be adaptable to homeschoolers as a nice supplementation.  Really nice, kid-friendly graphics and set up.





3. E-Learning for Kids

Claiming to be “a global non-profit foundation”, this site actually offers complete courses in math, language arts, science, computer, health, environmental and life skills. And true to its “global foundation” claim, lessons are found in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.


Update: is no longer alive.

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up! 🙂




4.   KidsKnowIt

Thousands of free educational games and activities.  This site indeed offers a great deal of educational songs, games, lessons, movies, coloring sheets, worksheets, and so much more. They cover a lot of topics from astronomy, to biology, history, geology, and lots more. You just have to be very skilled in ignoring or navigating around the ads.

kids know it




5. neoK12

neoK12 claims that kids learn best by ‘seeing’ and by ‘doing’, so they’ve gathered what they say is the best collection of free online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles in Math, Social Studies and English.  Indeed, we have used many of their videos, lessons and puzzles; they all have been fun and kid-friendly.




6. cK-12

Free online textbooks, videos, flashcards for children in kindergarten through grade 12.




7. WatchKnowLearn

Free educational videos organized by subject and filtered by target age. Their site boasts 43,399,816 videos watched to date.




8. Core Knowledge

Outline and curriculum on language arts and literature, history and geography, mathematics, science, music, and the visual arts. Core Knowledge curriculum identifies the foundational knowledge every child needs to reach grade by grade, year-by-year, in a coherent age-appropriate sequence.




9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is so popular these days that it may not require an introduction. For the purposes of posting a thorough list, however, I’m including it here.



10. SAS Curriculum Pathways

Interactive, standards-based resources in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and spanish. You must register to use all interactive resources, registration is free.

sas curriculum pathways



10. Lesson Pathways

Free curriculum and teaching resources for grades K-5. It also comes with a planning tool, handy to keep all your family’s learning organized.  Registration is required to use the site.




So here is the first part of the list, I will be posting a continuation of these resources soon. And if you know of others that might be relevant to include here, please let me know.



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