Hands-On Science: Electricity and Magnetism for Kids

electricity and magnestism for kids
We had bought a few of Thames & Kosmos science experiment kits at Barnes and Noble a few months ago, and have been exploring them further recently.  We’ve all been thoroughly impressed by the quality, clarity and beauty of the Thames & Thomos kits. They’re a bit more pricey that the other kits we saw, but most certainly worth every penny.

The first one I’m reviewing here is the “Electricity and Magnetism” kit for kids ages 8 or older.  We loved this set. It comes with an attractive book (thick booklet) with step-by-step, beautifully illustrated instructions, side notes and explanations. It includes all the circuits, light bulbs, wires and a few gadgets necessary to create and recreate devices such as light switches, traffic light circuits, quick switches, conductors and isolators, etc., all in a simple, fun and safe way. Everything you need is contained in the kit (except 2 AA batteries), something that I, myself, highly appreciate. Nothing like being ready to carry out the experiment only to find out you need a list of “household” items.

Why We Liked Electricity and Magnetism Kit by Thames & Kosmos

  • Detailed introduction of each of the components
  • Detailed step by step book with beautiful illustrations, side notes and explanations for 63 experiments (see sample list of experiments below)
  • Compenents (circuits, light bulbs, connectors, etc. are made of high quality, sturdy plastic with rounded edges, safe for smaller hands
  • Organized container with a place for everything keeps all materials nice and neat
  • Use again and again sparking the child’s own creativity

 List of Experiments

Sample Electricity Experiments

  • Circulating current
  • Electric roller coaster
  • Reversed connections
  • Prongs instead of alligator clip
  • Green conductor
  • Green conductor with half the force
  • Two bulbs, half of brightness
  • Quick switch
  • Switches in lockstep
  • Morse code with light
  • Traffic light
  • Light from the end of the hallway
  • Conductors and isolators
  • Red light alarm
  • Motor of light
  • Current control

Sample Magnetism Experiments

  • Scrap metal separator
  • Penetrating effect
  • Contagious magnetism
  • Magnetic flowers
  • Magnetic fishing
  • Centers of force
  • Floating on magnetic pillows
  • Magnetic friends and foes
  • Magnetic force made visible
  • Disappearing poles
  • Hanging magnets
  • Intensified magnetic force


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Aside from the Electricity and Magnetism kit, we are enjoying Electronics, Solar Mechanics, Climate & Weather, Hydropower, Egyptian Archeology, and Egyptian Pyramids.  I’ll be posting reviews about those kits as well, I’m sure.



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It’s been so much fun to make use of Thames & Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism kit … Learning at its best when we get to play with toys like these!

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