A Comprehensive Portal with Questions and Answers about Homeschooling

Roberto, Super Hero and I continue to find creative ways to share this passion of ours with those who might be contemplating homeschooling or are already following this transforming family lifestyle.  I’m thus delighted to introduce today one of our latest creations: QandAHomeschool.com!

We want QandAHomeschool.com to be a centralized place to get your questions answered quickly and effectively. We know there is no shortage of information about homeschooling available online, however, we haven’t yet found one place that gathers all possible questions and answers about homeschooling in one place, conveniently displayed and laid out.  QandAHomeschool.com‘s very visually appealing format helps you navigate through questions easily, and of course you can always search for a specific query at any moment.


More than 100 Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

Although we’ve already included in here more than 100 frequently asked questions about homeschooling, particularly those posed by beginning families, QandAHomeschool.com is certainly a work in progress. Our vision is to make QandAHomeschool.com a completely comprehensive question and answer repository available to beginning and experienced homeschool families alike.  There is a wide variety of questions already answered such as:

  • Is homeschooling always absolutely enjoyable?
  • How do I start an enrichment center co-op for our homeschool?
  • Can you “homehighschool”?
  • What if your child wants to try going to school?
  • And many more homeschooling topics!


Can’t Find Your Answer?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, simply submit it and one of the experienced homeschoolers in the panelists board will answer it and notify you.  Your question is important, it may be the question other family might need to hear to take the leap 😉

We hope there is something in QandAHomeschool.com you will find helpful. If so, please do share it on your own homeschooling circles.



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