10 Free Math Help Websites: Tutorials, Lessons, Worksheets and Games


Here’s my latest compilation of resources. This is a list of all FREE math help websites. Some are really sophisticated and well put together like #1 MathDisk and #2 Mathway. #3, Kenken, is one SuperHero’s favorite kind of puzzles and they can be quite challenging. Overall, these should give you lots of support in the math department should you need it for your children. Thanks to all of the website owners who have devoted their time and effort so we can enjoy these free.  I appreciate it very much!


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1.  MathDisk.com

Create your own worksheets to visualize, interact with and explore the amazing world of mathematics, absolutely free, any topic from basic to advanced. This is a very cool and sophisticated app, really worth checking it out!


2.  Mathway.com

An excellent, top-notch math help site that provides step-by-step solutions to math problems. The free option lets you see the answer to the problem, the premium option lets you see all the detailed explanations.



3.  KenKen.com

Fun, fun totally free math “puzzles that make smarter”. What’s on quotes is their slogan, I added the rest.  Super Hero always requests these puzzles as our warm up. (We’ve been substituting RightStart Math’s warm up and practice sheets at the beginning of the daily lessons, as they can get way too repetitive sometimes). You can also pay their premium service to enjoy the site without ads.



4.  MathVids.com

Hundreds of free videos from elementary to college math, organized by level and topic.



5.  MathIsFun.com

Free math tutorials, games and activities for kindergarten through high school.



6.  Multiplication.com

Multiplication.com offers a creative way to learn and memorize the times tables, by telling stories that attempt create a mental vision of each fact.  Children whose dominant learning style is auditory, may benefit handsomely from this method.


7.  HelpingWithMath.com

Everything on the site is free to use and it’s sorted by subject heading and by grade from kindergarten to 8th grade.



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8.  HoodaMath.com

A huge collection of free elementary math games including geometry, physics, shopping and logic. You can sort them by grade level too.



9.  MathWorksheetsLand.com

Developed by a former math teacher, there are hundreds of free worksheets on every math topic for preschoolers through high schoolers.



10.  Math-Aids.com

A free resource that allows you to print an unlimited number of worksheets generated to your specifications instantly. Topics range from basic single digit addition to pre-algebra concepts.



11.  FreeMathHelp.com

All right so the title says 10 Free Math Help Websites, so this would be the bonus 🙂  -Free lessons and tutorials for high school children in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics.


10 free homeschool math help websites


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