The Class for Homeschoolers this Monday at Fairchild

Being the densely populated area that South Florida is, we tend to forget there’s also a mushrooming environment full of flora and fauna to explore all around us.  Many, diverse ecosystems compliment each other to not only survive but thrive.  We had the pleasure, once again, to attend Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden‘s class for homeschoolers on South Florida Ecosystems.  We strolled around the main paths of this beautiful garden and were eventually taken to the Pinelands, a wilderness area where we played a bird migration game.  Moms, dads and children navigated our way through the Pinelands pretending to be birds of different species, hopping around from plant to plant, trying to avoid predators while feeding on seeds and insects and seeking shelter. Some “birds” didn’t make it, they fell pray to the elements, but most of us completed our migration routes unscathed 😉

I appreciated to be exposed once again, to the fact that we, humans, couldn’t sustain our life as we know it, without all the plants and animals around us.  The oxygen we breath, the food we eat, the shelter we need, down to the instruments we play or listen, everything is provided by our friends the plants and animals.

To top an already beautiful, in-contact-with-nature morning, we had the privilege to listen to the string quartet rehearsing that morning as Fairchild happened to be hosting its annual Garden Music Festival. Lovely homeschooling, thanks for making things like this possible!

Rehearsal before concert at Garden Music Festival from Patricia Espinoza on Vimeo.


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