If you have spent some time looking for language arts curriculum online, you’ll probably find there is a gigantic number of them. The challenge, then becomes, what to use.  I’ve gathered here a list of 10 items, that I thought were the best of all I saw.

Free Language Arts Curriculum

free language arts curriculum

Grammar Textbooks or Workbooks

1.  DailyGrammar.com

Free web-based lessons that are organized by topic to be covered daily, with a quiz at the end of each 5th day.  An ebook is also available for purchase.


2. McGraw-Hill Treasure Books

These free National Treasures Workbooks are organized by grade level, from 1 to 6. There are also other resources available such as spelling and on level practice workbooks.


Update, February 19, 2015: Unfortunately, resources # 3 and #4 have either been removed or are no longer available.

3. Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbooks

The PDF ebooks from grade 1 to 6 are available to download by the lesson. This may come in handy if you just need to reinforce a certain topic, otherwise, I find it a little bit time consuming to download the entire course clicking on every lesson.


4.  Zaner-Bloser Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, G.U.M.

These PDF handbooks are organized by grades from 2 to 8.


5. Grammar-land

Grammar-land is a book written in 1878, and therefore it is now a public domain book. The story is very creative so it’s worth trying it out.   I also found some free worksheets to go along with it.


6. Classical House of Learning

A place for FREE classical literature guides following a 4-year history cycle. I’ve downloaded the Grammar Stage literature guides, which follows the Story of the World outline. Thank you Laura Lund for creating these literature guides.


Free Language Arts Videos and Games

If you’re just looking for  games, videos or just to reinforce certain topics, then the following sites would be more helpful:

7.  Harcourt Grammar Practice Park

Explore the park and play the games to practice your grammar skills. Grades 3 to 5.


8. School House Rock Grammar Videos/Songs

Thanks to Iravidlearner for compiling this lens on Squidoo. Which child does not love cartoons with high-energy music? School House Rock is definitely a great series with those elements kids love, and also incorporating musical mnemonics to help memorize essential concepts.


9. NeoK12 Grammar

This is a collection of videos and quizzes that would be suitable for older elementary or middle schoolers.


10. BBC Literacy

The BBC website offers a nice collection of free games on phonics, spelling, rhyming words and grammar’s elements of speech.


11. Children’s University of Manchester

I love this site, it has really fun content on all sorts of topics. I think you’ll appreciate the high-quality collection for the language arts or “words” section.


Other Non Free Language Arts Resources

Check out my very own Grammar Blast booklist at Goodreads.com.  This is a list of books with gorgeous illustrations and brilliant text. Super Hero and I have used many of these and loved them! They’re totally worth your time.  You can get most of these for free at the library, which is what I did. Or of course, you can buy them at Amazon if you wish. Here’s a link to Ruth Heller’s Kites Sail High, her book about verbs:


Hope you find something here that will be helpful. If so, please let me know or if you know of any additional (free) language arts resources not included here, let me know too  🙂

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