When HOME, our homeschool coop in Miami Beach, announced a field trip to Jungle Island, I just had to sign us up right away.  I’ve been in Miami 15 years, yet a visit to this place had continued to elude me till now.  We get Amanda at HOME to thank (thanks Amanda!), who suggested this really fun place.  We got a chance to see some really cool animals and enjoy a nearly crowd-free experience at one of Miami’s main attractions right on Valentine’s Day!







And here’s all the mini videos (with some pics) put together. The credit goes to Roberto for handling all the video production!

HOME’s Jungle-Island Field Trip from Patricia Espinoza on Vimeo.


Thank you also to Michelle, for putting the field trip together and getting us the super discounted rate available for groups.  And to Dee Dee, for loaning me ten bucks for parking. It just ain’t cool to run out of cash in the middle of the jungle 😉

Can’t wait to our next HOME –and PATH– field trips. We’ll be going to the Bass Museum of Art, to Kids Get Cooking at Whole Foods (yum!), a chocolate factory (yum, yum!), the Miami Dade Environmental Center, the Dezer Museum, and so many other fun places. What a treat!


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