Our big, big thanks to Nichole for organizing this PATH’s (our homeschool coop)  field trip to the spectacular Dezer Collection Auto Museum in North Miami.  Truly an astounding collection of all things transportation, beginning with Ford’s legendary Model T  –the car that would forever transform transport for the average folk– and ending with an outrageous collection of original James Bond paraphernalia, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and even an airplane!

The museum is immense, two separate wings showcase the vintage and the modern.  Mr. Dezer, its private owner, proffers a huge collection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, military vehicles and cars of famous personalities, movies and TV series. I was impressed not only by the massiveness of it all, but also about the display decorations and attention to detail in every room and hall, not to mention all vehicles are in spic and span condition!


That’s a Real Doozy

Most grown-ups were delighted to find out the expression “it’s a real doozy” (something very good of its kind) originated from the magnificent Duesenberg Model X car built on 1927.  I happened to learn about it for the very first time right then and there, standing right in front of the real doozy in the flesh, now, THAT’s a real doozy!


Since Dezer Collection Museum is fairly new in Miami –it’s been around only 3 years– we hadn’t really heard about it before our field trip. I guess it’s just getting started on its way to popularity, let’s wish their marketing efforts will pay off for them rather quickly. I wish I’d known about it last December when my parents were visiting from Ecuador, my father would have *loved* it.  Anyway, given that what you get for your money is rather considerable, the admission fee is not necessarily expensive, although it surely can get pricey (if that makes any sense): $25 per wing per person.  We were fortunate to get a steep discount, being that PATH is a non-profit and all, otherwise be sure to check online for deals. I heard there are specials via groupon. If you can, get the deal, I think … no, I’m positive you will enjoy this place, it’s really totally worth it!

Big thanks also to Anton, who graciously showed us all PATH homeschoolers around the site, and for patiently waiting for me to catch up with the group.  Taking photographs can be a bit delaying sometimes 😉



Just some funky photos I took, it’s really only a fraction of what’s in there:

If you can’t see the photos above, please go to the photo album.

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