I really want to share the very lovely Usborne My Very First Book Art Coloring Book. I liked this book so much when I saw it that I bought two, one for Super Hero and one for myself. As all of Usborne’s books, they are incredibly colorful, creative and interactive. And of course, this one being an art book, couldn’t be anything less. Each page spread boasts a beautiful image of a famous painting, and a blueprint for the child to color right next to it. A blurb about the particular artist and that masterpiece is included briefly just so we get the gist of what we’re imitating.

If you are a beginner artist, or if you want to introduce famous paintings to your child, this would be a very nice book to have.  The interactivity alone, makes it memorable. I bet you just won’t forget you colored Sheep by German painter, Franz Marc.

I must admit, that even though Super Hero has enjoyed himself when we’ve sat outside on sunny afternoons to color our Very First Art Coloring Book, I believe, I have enjoyed this book much more than him.  I’ve never really been artistic before, and now, I’m itching to learn and to do some beautiful, creative works.  As they say, there’s always a first time for everything … Oh and by the way, the pictures in the collage above are from my book 😉


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