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One of the funnest games at our local homeschool co-op Math Games class, was the “multiplication relays”.  If you really want to build excitement with the kids about the multiplication tables, this game totally fits the bill.

You will need at least 4 children to play this, divided in 2 groups of 2.  Pick a multiplication table to practice, say the table of 3, then set cards from 1 through 10 face down on one table, and their product cards, that is, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. for this example, on a different table on the opposite side of the room. Have the first child on each team flip a number card, and say the complete equation aloud. So, if he flips the card “5”, he needs to say “3 times 5 equals 15” aloud. He must say the equation correctly before moving on. If so, he must run to fetch the corresponding product card, that is the card “15” from the opposite table. When he returns with the correct card on his hand, his team mate needs to be ready to do the same right away.  The team who gets to fetch all cards first wins.

We did write down on the board the multiples for that particular table. I prefer they look at the multiples if they don’t know the answer. This way, they will keep visualizing the multiples, which only helps them to learn them well.  I followed the patterns used on RightStart Math, so for example, the multiples of 3 go like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.04.09 PM



As you can see, the kids can hardly contain their excitement.  They not only get to practice their tables in a super fun way, but also do some physical exercise as well! Absolutely a perfect game for wiggly boys who can’t sit still on a desk for too long.  If you have restless children at home, you gotta totally try this. If there aren’t enough children to do this in your family, perhaps you can host a “multiplication relays” playdate sometime  –Crazy fun, guaranteed!

I will continue to post about more popular math games at our class, that are equally fun!

Happy playing! 😉


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