Latitude and Longitude for Kids 8 – 10

Are you looking for an engaging educational activity for your homeschooling geography curriculum?

Look no further!

I put together a mini unit  on Latitude and Longitude for kids ages 8 to 10, and I’m happy to share it with you all!

This mini unit study is educational, and a lot of fun! Your child will have the opportunity to learn about latitude and longitude, two important concepts in geography, through interactive and hands-on activities.

 free printable mini unit latitude and longitude for kids

Super Hero and I worked on it together.

Such quick fun!

Of course I loved that we tied it in with our totally experiential and recent field trip to the equatorial line, or “La Mitad del Mundo” (The Middle of the World) in Quito, Ecuador.   Learning at its best. Totally!

Super Hero thought the funnest part was the coloring and looking at the equatorial line countries in the big map.  Yes, he wanted more coloring and less writing, so feel free to modify if your child is still learning to *love* writing. 😉  Also, you will need to look at a bigger map for a couple of the questions. Using our big map on the wall is something Super Hero loves to do. Hopefully,  your children feel the same way about big maps too.

printable mini unit latitude and longitude
printable mini unit latitude and longitude

What’s Inside the Latitude and Longitude Mini Unit

There are a few of resources, including worksheets, maps, and even games. Your kids will be able to practice identifying and plotting latitude and longitude coordinates on maps, helping them develop essential map-reading skills.

They will learn about the significance of latitude and longitude in navigation and how they are used to locate specific places on Earth.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

latitude longitude free printable mini unit

Ready to have fun and love learning about latitude and longitude?

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I hope you will like it and enjoy it. If you do, let me know, I’d love to hear about it!  

Happy learning!

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