We haven’t “gone back” to school, we homeschool year round. Yet the going back to school buzz gives us the chance to reinvent our homeschool.  It invites us to evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t. It allows us to deepen routines and rhythms that strengthen our learning, and to tweak what isn’t bringing out the best in us.

Going back to school offers us a fresh new beginning. Don’t we all love new beginnings?  I sure do.  This is a time to get our enthusiasm renewed, commitments reaffirmed, and spirits rekindled.  Not that we aren’t passionate about homeschooling the rest of the year, we are!  But I welcome anything that reenergizes us.

So, as we begin our fourth year of homeschooling, I’m looking over the curricula we would like to use and enjoy this school year. There are so many beautiful, enriching learning resources out there, it’d be impossible to choose them all. But choose we must.  Homeschool is supposed to always be fun!  That’s our motto. I want to choose curricula, apps, online and offline programs that support and foster our love or learning. I like fun and love of learning. We all do.

These are our choices:


our secular homeschool curriculum third grade



Language Arts

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  • Literature read alouds with occasional narration cards
  • Independent readers

Foreign Languages

  • French:  Tip Top! – Review coming soon!
  • Latin:  Visual Latin 1



  • Tennis



Homeschool Coops & Community Classes

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing – All Things Fun and Fascinating
  • Chess
  • History of Florida
  • Robotics

Nature & Outdoors

  • Deering Estate Homeschool Programs


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