Happy Birthday Super Hero!

happy birthday super hero


super hero with his guitar


be always smart to follow your heart


Be always smart
to follow your heart.
Let your life become
your cherished work of art.


super hero's profile


You're our precious little prince

You’re our precious
little prince.
With your own Bucephalus
there’s nothing or no one
you can’t convince.


super hero's birthday


what you're seeking is always inside you

What you’re seeking
is always inside you.
Calm your mind meditating
and let your soul guide you.



super hero happy birthday


You're a bright young star. You're soaring high. What delight!

You’re a bright
young star.
You’re soaring high.
What delight!


Super Hero playing the piano


Love life with all your might

Love life
With all your might.
Life will love you back
with all her might.


super hero playing the violin


keep sparkling, keep shining, keep glowing!

Keep sparkling!
Keep shining!
Keep glowing!
Our hearts rejoice!



happy birthday super hero


we love you forever

We love you forever
We like you for always.
And forever and always
our Super Hero you’ll be!


I so appreciate your presence in my life.
I so appreciate you!

¡Feliz cumpleaños mi niño adorado!  Te quiero de aquí al fin del universo y de regreso ♥


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