Load and Listen to Story of the World Audio MP3 or CD on Your iPad

listen to story of the world audio on your iPad

Loading Story of the World Audio of Volume 1 Ancient Times proved to be a smart move. We have it available to us pretty much anytime, anywhere. We’ve enjoyed history at home or on the go, all while listening to a top-notch storyteller. Super Hero really enjoys Jim Weiss’ style, so I never need to ask twice about listening to him and his “stories”.

Super Hero listens to 2, 3, or even 4 chapters in one go because he chooses to. I used to get antsy about coinciding the additional readings in the Activity Book for the week’s particular chapter. I finally learned not to fuss about it. In fact, letting him listen for as long as he wanted to turned out to be quite beneficial. We sit to do our map work, glue figures to the timeline, or to work on a craft project, all while listening to the corresponding chapter once again —”Just so we can remember the details” I say, attempting to sound casual and nonchalant. Super Hero always agrees enthusiastically. As a result, he has truly strengthen his knowledge of world history!

Learning History in a Fun & Vivid Way with Story of the World

The audiobook along with the additional literature and crafts in the activity book, has really brought history to life in such a vivid way. This coming from me —the most arts-and-crafts-challenged homeschool mom around. I dare say. There are tons of fun ideas in the activity book. Super Hero always finds something he’s eager to do, and that even moms like me can take on.

History is One of Our Favorites

History has become one of Super Hero’s favorite subjects. I do believe that the audiobook and the iPad setup have been major contributors. It’s been so worth it! (Yes. The activity book too!) So I put together this brief tutorial on how you can load and listen to Story of the World on your iPad or even iPhone. (You could do the same on other smart phones or tablets too.)  I hope it works as well for you as it has for us!

If you are interested in the very popular secular history curriculum “Story of the World” you can learn more or buy it at Peace Hill Press. You can find paperbacks and CD audiobooks at Amazon as well, but Peace Hill Press is the only place that sells the MP3 audiobooks:


Enjoy the tut! (We are now studying story of the World volume 2 The Middle Ages. The tutorial will feature that particular volume.)

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