12 Sites for All Sorts of Free Printables ~ Useful Homeschooling Resources

Roberto found the site printablepaper.net, and he thought it worthwhile to share with you.  Surfing around the vast collection of printables, I discovered it’s not just one site, but a family of sister sites with all printables imaginable.

12 free printables sites homeschool


They offer everything as free downloads, but you can also buy their stuff in a CD.  Convenient, but if you’re like me, I can never find anything on a CD. I’d much rather google the thing right when I need it. Or in this case, I’ll just go to their website and search right there.

Their sites are not all listed in one convenient place. Not that I could see, anyway. So, I put together a quick list of all the themes I could find. This would help me –and hopefully you too, to get there quick when I need to.

1. PrintablePaper.net

  • graph paper
  • lined paper
  • logarithmic graph paper
  • dot paper
  • penmanship paper
  • note paper
  • calligraphy paper
  • specialty paper
  • and tons more

2. PrintableBoardGames.net (nice!)

  • chess board
  • snakes and ladders
  • cribbage board
  • mancala board
  • chinese checkers
  • backgammon board
  • domino sheets
  • and tons more

3. FreeColoringSheets.net

  • activities
  • emotions
  • relations
  • jobs
  • recreation
  • vehicles
  • fantasy
  • and tons more

4. FreePrintableColoringPages.net

  • pretty much same as above categories

5. FreePrintablePlayMoney.net

  • all sorts of realistic and play money

6. PrintableFlashCards.net

  • math
  • geography
  • language
  • science
  • early childhood
  • and lots more

7. PageBorders.net (cute)

  • formal
  • informal
  • kids
  • sports
  • nature
  • religious
  • antique
  • and lots more too

8. TeacherPrintables.net

  • charts and graphic organizers
  • lesson plans
  • library and reading forms
  • blackline maps
  • flags
  • all sorts of school related stuff
  • and lots more

9. FreePrintableGroceryList.com

  • blank forms
  • smart grocery list forms
  • specialty
  • holiday
  • menu planners

10. FreePrintableStationary.net

  • business letterhead
  • personal
  • abstract
  • party invitations
  • wedding
  • baby
  • animal
  • funny
  • and again lots more

11. FreeLetterheadTemplates.net

  • pretty much same as above categories

12. FreePrintableBusinessCards.net

  • corporate
  • personal
  • technology
  • nature
  • funny
  • feminine
  • religious
  • and on and on


If you know of any site belonging to this lot that didn’t make it to the list, please drop me a line. Or if you find this helpful, let me know too 🙂

Enjoy your free printables!


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