630 Free Audio Books for Kids & Homeschooling

If you’re an audiobook lover like us, here’s a list of 630 audiobooks you can listen for free. Most of these are enduring classics, but there’s also quite a few more contemporary.  We’ve already listened to many C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia thanks to this list. (c


OpenCulture.com has compiled a bit of everything in here:

  • free audiobook streaming
  • free audiobooks in iTunes
  • free audiobooks in YouTube
  • free audiobooks for kids

No matter your preference, you will find something you like here. No doubt. See entire list of free audio books.

Now, while OpenCulture.com’s list is wonderful, it doesn’t seem to include contemporary books. Audible, in the other hand, offers an unbeatable selection of such audiobooks. You might like to give Audible a try, it’s free trial comprises two free audiobooks: (aff. link)

Our Top 10 Audio Books

Speaking of audio books, if you haven’t yet seen it, check out our very own top 10 audiobooks. It’s a fun list. Super Hero rated it himself out of 34 audio books (it was actually 35, but I goofed when I posted it).  Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of what an 8-year-old child fancies. (Super Hero’s 9 now.)

Needless to say, we’re super fans of good audiobooks. We listen in our homeschooling room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen while we cook, and especially on car rides.  Super Hero and I often find ourselves lingering in the driveway long after we’ve arrived home. –Just 5 more minutes! (for the umpteenth time.)  Can’t leave ourselves hanging, right?

I’m positive we can continue to add to our excitement thorough this generous free list.  Thank you Open Culture for compiling this fabulous resource!  Happy listening everybody!


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