7 Free Piano Lessons Sites for Your Homeschool


Here I’m sharing the best 7 free piano lessons. Some boast a large collection of video lessons. Others have nifty tools and (paid) iPad apps.  All the content is free in their websites, at least all that I could glean.

1. MusicTheory.net

Excellent material and graphics. Very nicely organized. They offer the same free web content, in 2 different paid iPad apps. If you try their website out, and you think it worth it, you might like to try their apps too.


2. Teoria.com

Lots of tutorials and exercises in music theory. Again, this site is very nicely organized with extensive content. What I really like about this site is that they offer the same content in both, English and Spanish. Yeah!  This is a great find for us since we run a bilingual homeschool, at least that’s what we attempt. If you’re learning Spanish, you might like to try this too. It might help you shoot two birds with one stone!


3. HowToPlayPiano.ca

Put togehter by a gentleman who’s decided to share all that he knows.  He has posted it all in his youtube channel, so you might like to check that out too to follow playlists and some sort of sequence.


4. PianoVideoLessons.com

She also has a youtube channel with lots of content. She says she started out sharing a few video lessons with a friend. It took off from there. Lots of good content here too.


What I like about the last two sites, is that their creators seem to be very passionate about the piano. Well, it’s hard to pass up genuine passion. It usually sparks interest and enthusiasm in the student as well. Don’t you think?


5. DaveConservatoire.org

A free online music school aiming to provide a world-class music education for everyone. This is what it claims on its homepage. Indeed, it looks quite classy and extensive. It’s definitely worth a visit!


6. IMSLP.org

Petrucci Music Library offers music sheets, bio composers, music history, etc. I believe this is quite complimentary to your music theory and practice learning.


7.  PianoLessons4Children.com

Completely free piano lessons for children. Basic instruction for children as young as 5 or so.  This site is kind of special because it’s developed by Maria. Sorry, don’t know her last name. Maria is the creator of Math Mammoth, a popular homeschool math curriculum


To these piano teachers: Thank you all of you website owners,for sharing your knowledge, so we, homeschoolers, can keep nurturing our love of learning.  We appreciate you all!

If you know of any website that should go into this list, please leave a comment below. We can all benefit by your input. Thanks 🙂

Happy piano playing!

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