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Math! The Achilles Heel of many homeschooling families.  I feel for those who struggle with it. It makes me even more appreciative that Math’s one of those effortless subjects at our homeschool.  Roberto and I have degrees in math & computer science, after all.  I guess it’s fair to say there’s an inclination for numbers in my family.  That’s why, both, Super Hero and I, enthusiastically agreed to review A+ Interactive Math.

homeschool math a+interactive curriculum review


What We Received

A+ Interactive Math gave us a free 6-month subscription for it’s Family Math Package.  Good for up to 10 children, this subscription sells for $249.99. In exchange, I committed to write my thorough and honest opinion about this program.

A+ Interactive Math Review

What to Expect of A+ Interactive Math

First off, the program is not only very complete and  thorough, it’s also extremely well organized and flexible.  Don’t want to follow a sequence? Don’t follow it. Want to jump around or skip ahead? Jump and skip to your heart’s content, even switch grades if you prefer. A+ Interactive Math boasts an interface that allows you to select any topic at anytime. Yet, if you’d rather keep a structure, there sure is one.  Just follow the categorized menu in order. You may also download and print the suggested lesson plan, a purple PDF to keep handy for guidance and reference.

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Video Lessons

The videos are short and concise. Each runs for 3 to 6 minutes in a PowerPoint slideshow type of format.  A written sentence delineates each new thought. A voiceover reads it, then moves on to the next thought, and so on. A handful of simple animations or color-coded graphs or images enliven the text, which can be heavy at times.  Despite it’s no-frills, rather stark presentation, the videos succeed in instructing and demonstrating the concepts.

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Interactive Q&A

After the video lesson, the child must take the Interactive Q&A. Again the voiceover reads the question. Then she reads one option at a time as soon as it appears on the screen. No answer can be selected until all choices are displayed.

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Supportive Materials

A myriad of supportive materials such as worksheets, exams, and reviews, and even a convenient calculator support and cement the learning.  There’s also ebooks to download and print with the whole enchilada: All worksheets, exams, reviews, and the lesson plans. Or just print one by one, as needed in the printables section.  Wherever the child is at the moment, he can access detailed solutions (if enabled by the parent), and otherwise general help.


a+interactive math review 2 (1)

a+interactive math review 2 (1)


Parent Dashboard

Just like any good comprehensive online program, A+ Interactive Math provides an excellent parent dashboard. From here, you can check on progress, add or delete students, switch the child’s grade level, enable or disable the child’s access to solutions and/or the calculator, and overall satisfy any control cravings you may be experiencing 😉


How Do We Use This?

Super Hero watches and follows the video lessons with no quibbles.  The Interactive Q&A, though, not so much! He’s had a terrible time with those. Having to wait till the voiceover reads every single choice before he can pick tortures him. So for example: What is 6,397,548 divided by 1?  (Actual figures and operation made up to protect the innocent.)  A.  6,397,548 – six million three hundred ninety-seven thousand five hundred forty-eight   (The voiceover actually reads it out. O n e   b y   o  n  e)   B.  6,459,120 – six million four hundred fifty-nine thousand one hundred twenty   C. 6,398,549 – six million three hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred forty-nine  D. 698,548 (six hundred ninety-eight thousand five hundred forty-eight.  Phew! Tired yet?  For a can’t-sit-still-too-long boy who’s quick as a flash at math, this segment was plainly the least favorite.

The online worksheets, tests and reviews, fared much, much better.  Indeed, no waiting till the voice over reads questions one by one.  In fact, there’s no voiceover at all here.  All choices appear at once, allowing him to move at his own pace.  Easy peasy.

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What’s Our Opinion?

To be frank, neither Super Hero nor I found A+ Interactive Math appealing at first. The Power Point style of the videos, the unavoidable, lengthy voiceover of the Q&A, turned us off plenty.  However, as we got to explore it further, and used all the materials as a whole, both of us have come to appreciate it loads more.

Most certainly, A+ Interactive Math contains a very comprehensive math elearning program.  I acknowledge the videos, though not as flashy or rich in cool effects, do drive the point home. I particularly value the online worksheets, reviews and yes, even the exams. (I’m not usually fond of exams.) These are all required for a lesson to be marked completed.  Without these supportive materials, it’s hard to retain long term, no matter how snazzy a video may be.

Families with multiple children, especially, would find this program quite attractive. The Family Math Package is good for up to 10 children. Wow, that’s 10 children! A deal hard to beat, I say.

In a Nutshell
  • Open and Go!
  • Easy Prep
  • Kid Approved
  • Fun
  • Quality
  • Pedagogy

In Super Hero's Own Words

The videos and the worksheets make it much better. But dun dun dun the quiz questions make it boring.
–Super Hero

Super Hero actually wrote his opinion himself and gave it its ratings. Anyway, to sum up. If Math’s not your child’s forte, or if she’s struggling, “behind”, or downright lost, A+ Interactive Math is a sound, comprehensive online program. If Math comes easily to your child, she might not even find the same quibbles as my son did with the Q&A (or quiz, as he says.) She will likely find the “videos and the worksheets much better” too. Its ample, comprehensive content, extensive supportive materials, steady pace and great flexibility make A+ Interactive Math a strong homeschool math online curriculum.


If You’re Interested

If you’d like to give this program a try, you can do so by signing up for Family Math Package’s free trial.  Also,  A+ Interactive Math is currently having a special:  a 40% -50% discount on their Family Math Packages till May 18. They even offer a convenient and free math placement test to guide you to the best grade level.  You can select any grade from 1st to 6th, Pre Algebra and Algebra 1.

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