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Are you a new homeschooling mom (or dad)? Or are you contemplating homeschooling but can’t quite decide, or commit? Seasoned homeschooler, Stephanie Walmsley, from Successful Homeschooling Made Easy, has created a gentle, practical guide to assist you. Actually, not only assist you as you embark on your new homeschooling journey, but to help you make it a most enjoyable and rewarding choice.

successful homeschooling made easy review

What Did I Receive?

I received Stephanie Walmsley’s Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course, a 26-week-long online course for homeschooling parents, for free.  In return, I am writing my thorough and honest review. Stephanie’s course retails for $48, and she even offers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. How thoughtful!


So, How Does this Online Course Work?

Each week, you receive an email with a link to the corresponding lesson. You are encouraged to not only download it, naturally, but to also print it right away. I didn’t print the lessons. Instead, I loaded them into my iPad’s Notability app. This handy tool allows me to highlight and make my own notes about salient points, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

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Usually, you will receive one lesson per week until you’re done on week 26. However, to get a broader view of this product and share it with you, I received the first 5 lessons right off the bat.  I’ve been receiving one lesson per week since that first batch.

If you’re new, there’s plenty hand-holding as you take baby steps to start your homeschooling journey. If you’re a seasoned homeschooler, there’s plenty of reflecting and reassessing priorities.  Initial lessons include:

  • Creating a schedule that suits your family’s own rhythm and preferences
  • Gentle introduction to teaching math (and tips for those who may fear math)
  • Rekindling or prioritizing your own dreams and passions
  • Tackling buying the appropriate curriculum

Expect a gentle course, with brief, to the point lessons.  After a short introduction, each lessons goes straight into the heart of the topic with useful tips or how-to’s. Some of Stephanie’s insights or questions prompt you to ponder about what you’re doing. Or to contemplate the direction you’d like to pursue for your homeschooling journey.  Assignments include working on the worksheets (routines, schedules, etc.), answering or elaborating further on the questions, or reading optional books.  The books Stephanie suggests appear to be quite popular in the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling.  Yet, I couldn’t locate any of them at my public library. I considered buying one or two, but they’re fundamentally Christian in perspective. Thus, being the secular homeschoolers that we are, I desisted.  Again, the books were all optional add-ons, not a requirement to the course.  The course itself though, does not contain any religious content.


What do I think of the Course?

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy’s chief strengths is doubtlessly its format: Conveniently receiving only one weekly lesson at a time. Rather than quickly moving on, this compels you to delve further into the topic at hand. You’re encouraged to prioritize or reassess important ideas or ideals. It’s definitely a hands-on, practical approach to creating a homeschooling blueprint that’s true to your own rhythm, preferences and values.

I care for Stephanie’s style. It’s warm and friendly. Reading her lessons feels like you’re talking to a good friend. While I do believe the course’s target is definitely new homeschoolers, even experienced veterans may uncover a handful nuggets of wisdom as well.


Are You An Undecided Homeschooler? This Course Is for You!

If you’ve been considering homeschooling, and are still unsure whether to take the plunge, do yourself a huge favor and take Stephanie’s course. It’d be like having a personal coach to guide you every step of the way.  Now that summer’s upon us is the perfect time to try it out.  Its gentle approach will allow you to dip your toes into the homeschooling lifestyle effortlessly.  But ultimately, it will help you decide, once and for all, whether homeschooling is your cup of tea.

In a Nutshell
  • Open and Go!
  • Easy Prep
  • Mom Approved
  • Fun
  • Quality
  • Useful and Practical

The Nitty Gritty

If you’re just getting started, or if you’ve been considering homeschooling I highly recommend this gentle, practical guide.  If you’re an experienced homeschooler, you’ll probably glean just a handful, yet valuable, new insights.


Want to Learn More?

If you’re like me, and gotta hunt the entire Internet for more reviews before you commit, you got it easy.  Read all the reviews you may be craving from my fellow Crew members. Or stop by Successful Homeschooling Made Easy website or visit Stephanie Walmsley on facebook,

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