Super Hero and I had the pleasure of participating in our co-op’s first Rhyme Time at the Pinecrest library. Organized by my friend Nichole’s 9 year-old daughter, Rhyme Time is in effect Poetry Tea Time. If you’re familiar with Brave Writer, you probably already follow some kind of poetry soiree with your children.  We have, very informally, at our home. I keep poetry books next to our kitchen nook, which I open from time to time and indulge. We have a little game going with Super Hero: Who can memorize a poem the fastest.  We just read a poem we enjoy a couple of times each day, then continue for a few days in a row until we can recite it.  We keep it simple, and fun!

So Nichole and her children prepared this lovely Rhyme Time at the library.  Children and adults were welcome of course. We were delighted that a young school girl, of about 7 or so, joined us too. I figured she was a school girl because she was wearing a uniform. She definitely wasn’t our homeschool co-op member, but I digress.  Oh yes, the poems were charming and the treats Nichole’s son brought delicious. Thank you so much Oursler family. We had a swell rhyme time!

The star of the show was the multi-talented Shel Silverstein. Just about every child shared a poem of his.  We read poems in silence and shared them aloud. Then we wrote a poem and shared it as well. Here’s what Super Hero wrote:

rhyme time homeschool


I love what Super Hero wrote, misspellings and all. He’s a happy child. Ah! how I love that homeschooling makes us happy!

Now, here’s mine, no fancy graphic, just my poem:

When you look
inside, within too
Listen, it is your light that soars
it is your passion that roars


As you can see, both poems have a specific format. Nichole had us create a “zip code ode.”  How original and creative! We wrote quickly, no more than 10 minutes or so for our very own rhymes!

So looking forward to our next Rhyme Time Nichole and children! 🙂

If you felt inspired at all to have your own Poetry Time, gather up your children around the kitchen table or under a tree in your backyard. Serve tea or lemonade and rhyme away.   And if poetry is not your cup of tea (no pun intended), then do gather up with friends. I’m positive you’ll love the experience!

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