Free Board Games Printable Templates for Your Homeschool

free board games printable templates

We do have lots of board games at our homeschool, and we love playing most of them. I don’t think anything else quite beats the power games have over children. No matter what we’re studying, Super Hero immediately perks up with the words “let’s play a game!”   So, I thought it’d be wise to have some game templates handy to liven up other topics.

I’m happy to share these printables with you today.  They’re simple, yet colorful, and will get the enthusiasm going. I’m positive.  I haven’t even used them at home yet. Just finished them up. Couldn’t wait to share them with you all!   You can use them for grammar, spelling, vocabulary, history, geography, math, or just about any subject. I left them pretty open, so you can make up your own rules.  Kids love making up rules too!

Download the FREE board games printable templates!

If you do download and use them, let me know what you invent.  I’d love to get tips and ideas. 🙂

Happy game playing!

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